The Importance of Natural Ingredients to Our Health


Did you know that almost 60% of what we put on our skin eventually gets absorbed into our bodies?


The harmful and artificial chemicals in some skincare products can interfere with your body's immune system and natural detoxification process—aside from causing skin-related issues. Some of these chemicals may also get stored in the body for months—or even years—before they get flushed out.


But wait, there's more! The skincare or beauty products you use will eventually find their way into the soil and waterways, which can leave a significant impact on microorganisms and aquatic life.


So when shopping for skincare products, make sure that you choose the ones formulated with natural ingredients, such as Schmidt's jasmine tea deodorant. Such products will help improve your health and reduce your environmental impact, as they won't cause harm to you and the planet.


Natural ingredients, defined


Natural ingredients do not contain any artificial ingredients, including flavoring, coloring, and synthetic chemical preservatives. Furthermore, they should:


  • Not be produced synthetically
  • Be free of any petrochemicals
  • Are grown, raised, harvested, and processed ecologically.
  • Not be exposed to irradiation
  • Not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Be processed and extracted using only natural ingredients
  • Not be tested on animals


For a product to be labeled as natural, it must:


  • Include plant or mineral ingredients
  • Be produced by or present in nature
  • Be produced with minimal physical processing
  • Be extracted using simple methods that do not cause too many chemical reactions

Schmidt's jasmine tea deodorant is a good example of a natural product, as it is both vegan and gluten-free—making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. It's also cruelty-free, so you don't have to feel bad about using it.


Why is using products with natural ingredients important for our health?


The skin is the largest organ in our body. It's also the biggest gateway to our internal organs. What you put on your skin eventually gets absorbed. So we really need to be mindful of what we slather on our skin.


Here are some more reasons why you should switch to natural products like Schmidt's jasmine tea deodorant.




Synthetic chemicals and other strange ingredients for treating acne such as benzoyl peroxide can leave the skin feeling red, sore, and dry. Fortunately, many natural skincare product alternatives are kinder to your skin.


Lavender extract and tea tree oil are just some of the naturally sourced ingredients out there that have amazing healing powers that will leave your skin nourished and smooth. So whether you're targeting wrinkles, spots, or just want your skin to feel healthy and clean, you can easily find a skincare product made from natural ingredients.


Natural fragrance


Natural skincare products, unlike conventional products, do not contain synthetic fragrance chemicals. Instead, they use natural ingredients such as naturally scented oils, making them gentler on the nose.


Avoid strange side effects


Many conventional skincare products contain harmful chemicals, such as parabens. These ingredients may cause a product to be effective—but often at a high price because many of them come with harmful side effects. Natural skincare products only make use of natural preservatives that have no negative effect on the body, such as grapefruit seed extract.


Can natural ingredients, coloring, and dyes be used in other parts of our lives?


Natural dyes are described as colorants obtained from natural sources. They can be extracted from wood, roots, berries, barks, leaves, lichens, nuts, flowers, and even seeds. Plants were the primary source of dyes back in the day—until the mid-19th century when synthetic dyes were discovered.


Today, natural dyes are mostly used by craftspeople and artists. Natural dyes are mostly used to color different types of cloths. However, they do not have the same consistency as synthetic dyes.


Plant-based dyes contain a variety of pigments, so they don't have the 'pure' forms of pigment used in synthetic dyes. But this is exactly what artisans love about them, as these impurities give them a rich and oftentimes unexpected color—which can never be duplicated.


Aside from artists, more and more people are starting to use plant-based dyes to help lessen environmental pollution caused by synthetic dyes. Natural dyes come from renewable resources, making them a more sustainable choice. And contrary to common belief, natural dyes have a superb fastness to light, water, cleaning agents, and perspiration.


There are many other uses for natural ingredients, pigments, and dyes throughout other aspects of our lives. Do you know if any of your clothes are made with natural dyes made from plants? If you want to know if you can use natural dyes as ink for your HP printer, you can call an HP printer customer service expert near you. The possibilities to use more natural ingredients may be more than you realized!

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