Why We So Lovingly Feature Bamboo Items

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Why We So Lovingly Feature Bamboo Items

Bamboo is incredible! How many of these cool facts did you know about bamboo? 

Highly sustainable and versatile, bamboo is used in many items, from building materials to fabrics and more... but it can also be eaten!

When bamboo is harvested it continues to grow new shoots from its amazing root system. There is no additional planting or cultivation needed. Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizer to grow and thrive. Its own fallen leaves provide necessary nutrients that get recycled right back into the soil! Every part of the bamboo plant can be used in one way or another with zero waste.

After a hardwood forest is cleared, the soil is exposed to the elements and erodes into rivers and streams, potentially harming wildlife. The root system of bamboo continues to grow after harvesting. New shoots emerge and the roots prevent soil erosion and maintain nutrients.

Bamboo can reach full maturity in just one to five years depending on the species. In stark comparison, hardwood trees take several decades to reach maturity. Bamboo is one of the only woody plants that can keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation, so it's incredibly sustainable.

Bamboo is actually a grass -- despite its tree-like appearance. There are over 1,000 different species of bamboo. It can grow up to two or three feet in a single day! Bamboo provides more oxygen than hardwood trees.

Because of its versatility and, especially, sustainability, green carries a variety of bamboo goods, including (but not limited to): toothbrushes, soap dishes, cloth reusable menstrual pads, straws, travel utensil sets, and more! 

What bamboo items are your favorite? Please be sure to comment below which items you'd like to see our store carry! 


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