Brewing Good Coffee- Ethiopia Light Roast- 12 oz. bag

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Brewing Good Coffee Company is a craft roastery raising funds for animal rescue and advocacy organizations through the sale of responsibly-grown, ethically-sourced, roasted-to-order coffees. Every month we feature a non-profit making advances for animals and 10% of the proceeds from that month’s sales support their life-saving work.

This heirloom Arabica, organic, fair trade Ethiopian coffee comes from the Oromia co-op created in 1999 with a mission to bring coffee from small growers in the Southwest region of Ethiopia  to the specialty market. Oromia’s coffee is heirloom, forest-grown, organic, and naturally processed.  In 2005, the cooperative was awarded first place for their unwashed coffee in the East African Fine Coffee Association cupping competition.  Coffee from this region is well renowned for its bright fruity acidity  which can range from a citric cup  to a deep ripe berry and its smooth velvety cocoa - like body.