Brewing Good Coffee- Sumatra Dark Roast- 12 oz. bag

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Brewing Good Coffee Company is a craft roastery raising funds for animal rescue and advocacy organizations through the sale of responsibly-grown, ethically-sourced, roasted-to-order coffees. Every month we feature a non-profit making advances for animals and 10% of the proceeds from that month’s sales support their life-saving work.

This organic, fair trade Sumatran coffee is grown at an elevation of 2,500 - 5,000 feet in the northern region of Aceh on this Indonesian island and bought from the Rahmat Kinara co-op of smallholder farmers.

The unique process of converting Sumatran coffee cherries from a fruit to a dry green bean produces a low acid, smooth coffee with deep and full-bodied flavors that can vary cup to cup and reflect its lush tropical Indonesian island origins. We compliment these qualities with a roast that is a touch darker than medium, bringing the complexity of this surprising coffee into full focus. The result is a creamy, earthy coffee with a hint of spice and cocoa.