Naked Ape Solid Shampoo- Original Fragrance

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This solid shampoo has been formulated with the finest ingredients in all the land! Provitamin B5 reduces split ends while moisturizing & softening hair. Aquafaba (aka chickpea water, aka the second best thing to come from chickpeas . . . #hummus) leaves hair feeling soft and volumized, and cocoa and shea butter moisturize without weighing hair down.

What makes this shampoo special: Aquafaba and Provitamin B5 are the dream team behind this amazingly moisturizing shampoo. We've packed this eco-friendly plastic-free bar with hair and skin nourishing oils, like jojoba and hemp seed, that will leave your hair clean AND soft! To help save your bar from "melting" in the shower, we cut it into 3 smaller bars so they'll last longer for you! 

Ingredients: *coconut oil, aquafaba, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, *jojoba oil, *olive oil, *cocoa butter, *sunflower oil, *hemp seed oil, *shea butter, d-panthenol (provitamin b5), citric acid, titanium dioxide, and essential oils of rosemary, sweet orange, lavender, and tea tree

* = Organic ingredient