Can Eco-Friendly Products Benefit your Home and the Environment?

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Can Eco-Friendly Products Benefit your Home and the Environment?

How Eco-Conscious Products Benefit your Home

The planet's natural resources are getting depleted at an alarmingly fast rate, causing drastic climate change that is dangerous to the environment. That's why everyone is encouraged to be more conscious about the environment and know how to protect it.

If more people choose to live a more sustainable life and start using eco-friendly household products, the planet can still be saved.

However, what does it mean when you say eco-friendly products?

Simply put, environmentally-friendly products promote green living that helps prevent water and air pollution. They are made from toxic-free and organic materials, so you won't be exposed to toxic chemicals that contribute to the deterioration of both human and animal health. And, who doesn't want a breath of fresh air after being surrounded by various chemicals and other harmful elements while outside?

Why You should be Eco-Conscious

The environment is in dire need of protection from pollution and other destructive activities caused by human activities. It is each and everyone's moral obligation to help preserve and nurture what is left of nature. Environmental degradation threatens the long-term health of not just humans, but all living things.

If people become more conscious of the harmful effects of toxic chemicals on the environment, more ecosystems will be saved. A good first step toward the right direction is using eco-friendly products at home. You might be surprised to learn that every good or service you buy from the market these days have eco-friendly alternatives!

Additionally, if more consumers become eco-conscious, then there will be a growing demand for businesses to offer more green services and products.

Climate Change and the Environment

Climate change is a shift in regional or global climate patterns, which can be seen in lands, ice sheets, and oceans, that persist for a few decades. While that may sound like it came from a science fiction movie, it is very real—and it poses a grave threat to everyone.

To date, scientists have already documented these effects of climate change.

⦁ Ice is continuously melting across the world, especially at the Earth's poles. Regions that are particularly affected include the ice sheet covering West Antarctica and Greenland, Arctic sea ice, and several mountain glaciers.
⦁ According to the studies conducted by NASA in collaboration with other agencies, the melting ice has caused global sea levels to rise by 3.4 millimeters (0.13 inches) a year. In recent years, however, it has been noted by the National Geographic that the rise is occurring at a much faster rate.
⦁ Rising temperatures are having a deadly impact on wildlife and their habitats. For example, the melting ice has made it harder for some animal species to thrive, such as the Adélie penguin in Antarctica. In fact, the National Geographic states that some of their populations on the western peninsula have collapsed by around 90%.
⦁ Many land and marine species, such as foxes and mackerel, are migrating farther north where it is much colder.
⦁ Some parts of the world have seen a significant rise in the amount of rain or snowfall they get each year. Meanwhile, other regions are experiencing severe drought, which increases the risk of lost crops, wildfires, and water shortages.
⦁ While some species are finding it hard to survive the changes brought about by climate change, some thrive in it. Unfortunately, they're not the ones you want in abundance. Ticks, jellyfish, mosquitoes, and crop pests are all thriving in the much-warmer climate. Bark beetles that feed on pine trees and spruce have also seen an increase in population. So, you can just imagine how many millions of forested acres they can devastate—and all because of climate change.

A simple change in everyone’s lifestyle can still help reverse the negative effects of years and years of neglect and abuse. You can do this by using plant-based or vegan products, starting in your home. However, it has to be done now before it’s too late.

Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleaning products are not just a fad that will go away. They are here to stay. In fact, even top Hollywood stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba have been vocal about their support of green cleaning.

If you've ever played with the idea of using vegan cleaning products, but aren't sure if it's better than conventional cleaning, here’s a list of great reasons why you need to switch to green cleaning.

⦁ Unlike conventional cleaning materials, green cleaning products do not have toxic or flammable chemicals. So, you can be sure that you and everyone in your home are safe at all times.
⦁ Conventional household cleaning products are one of the leading causes of poisoning across the world. Vegan cleaning products, on the other hand, are non-toxic, so they are perfectly safe to use even around children and pets.
⦁ By using green cleaning products, you significantly reduce your risk of developing headaches, respiratory illnesses, and skin rashes.
⦁ Vegan cleaning products do not contain harmful chemicals, such as neurotoxins, carcinogens, mutagens, endocrine disruptors, and teratogens, which are all present in conventional cleaning products.
⦁ The use of conventional cleaning products contributes to the worsening of pollution, both indoors and outdoors.
⦁ Conventional cleaning products are made of hazardous, toxic, non-biodegradable, and non-renewable resources, such as petroleum, which have adverse effects on the environment. Fortunately, all these substances are absent from vegan cleaning products.

Cruelty free and eco-friendly cleaning products to help the environment.

Green cleaning products are just simply amazing. Take, for example, this Better Life all-purpose cleaner. Not only does it smell great with its sage and citrus scent, but it also packs a punch when it comes to cleaning all sorts of dirt, grease, and grime, such as spilled juice on the floor, scuff marks on the wall, toothpaste on the vanity, peanut butter on the table, and even coffee spills on the couch. You simply spray, wipe, and watch as it does its magic on your toilets, appliances, countertops, upholstery, walls, and just about anything inside your home.


Water and air pollution, smog, global warming, deforestation, wildfires, and acid rain are just some of the few cries for help from Mother Nature. If these environmental issues are not addressed as soon as possible, it may be too late to reverse them and could end life on Earth.

If people don't do their part to save the environment soon, there won’t be anything left to save. And, all that is asked of you is a few simple changes in your lifestyle.

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