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The Pittsburgh Vegan Expo & Convention is fast approaching, and we are thrilled to be one of the vendors at this show on Saturday, November 9th. It is being held in Pennsylvania at the Monroeville Convention Center in the South Hall with guest speakers; film screenings; activities for kids; a wellness room with massage, yoga, and healing arts; Pittsburgh's Annual Vegan Gingerbread House Competition; Pittsburgh's Annual Vegan Trick or Treat for kids; and more. Even though Halloween is over, be sure to wear your costume - whether you are a kid or an adult kid at heart - and prepare for more fun! Of...

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We all know the environment is in crisis. We all must do our part and step up to the plate by making better choices. One way to help is by buying products that are biodegradable and reusable products that replace disposable items.  If you are still using disposable plastic bags and plastic cling wrap, that adds up to a lot of waste each month. There are so many different options these days to switch to, such as these Etee Vegan Food Wraps, which are just like cling wrap, but can be used dozens of times, then are biodegradable when they are...

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