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Parents looking for eco-friendly and non-toxic paint and craft options that are also cruelty-free and vegan for their children have to usually do quite a bit of searching to find these items. Green has found one that fits the bill! Many finger paints on the market contain preservatives, mineral oil, artificial dyes which are often derived from animals, and sometimes synthetic scents. Most are also tested on animals. Even if you are crafty and make your own paints, the quality might not be great, and artificial dyes or food colorings can still contain undesirable and potentially unsafe ingredients. Plus, it can...

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I talk to so many people who love breakfast foods, but feel like they don't know what to eat once they go vegan. While some people have trouble figuring out what to eat, others sometimes are in such a rush they need to fit in something quickly and only have a moment to prepare their breakfasts because mornings are so hectic. Whatever the case may be, we have a solution for you! Cold Cereals and GranolasWhile most people may say cold cereal is boring, everyone has to admit it is fast, filling, and often nutritious. This Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Fig Granola...

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We were happy to explore the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore this past weekend and are excitedly working on posts that feature some of the awesome products we discovered during our tour. We are happy to announce we will soon be carrying lots of new products and some products EXCLUSIVELY sold by us, green.  Now, for the main information. We try to source as much fair trade inventory as possible, but do you know exactly what the "fair trade label" means?  According to the World Fair Trade Organization,  "Fair Trade is a trading partnership... that seeks greater equity in...

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