Healthy Summer Foods: Cole Slaw

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Healthy Summer Foods: Cole Slaw

Do you like cole slaw? It's a great summer food because it's cool, pretty easy to prepare, and healthy... Or is it? Once we add all those salts and oils and make a soupy cabbage concoction we call cole slaw, have we flooded out most of the health benefits? 

There are so many varieties of cabbage, and all of them are packed with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, manganese, vitamin B6, and other nutrients as well. Of course, it's low in fat and has zero cholesterol. On its own, it's pretty beneficial, right? 

What if we add mayonnaise to cabbage, even if it's plant based mayonnaise, there is added fat from all the oils in that ingredient. Also, most people add sugar to their cole slaw. That doesn't really ramp up the health, either. 

I personally don't like the more traditional "soupy" slaw I often see. I like a lighter cole slaw, and I found the perfect recipe that I'd like to share. Are you interested in trying to make a fantastically tasty but much healthier slaw? Try this one:

Let us know in the comments how you like YOUR cole slaw, and let us know if you've tried the recipe shared above. 
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