How Does Shopping Cruelty-Free Benefit Both Our Health and the Environment?

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How Does Shopping Cruelty-Free Benefit Both Our Health and the Environment?

I always shopped cruelty-free because I didn't want to contribute with my consumer dollars to the unnecessary suffering of animals. Not only are mice and rats tested on and tortured in labs, but so are lots of other types of animals such as bunnies, dogs, primates, and the list goes on from there, unfortunately. The more I researched cruelty-free items, the more I realized the many additional benefits that go along with these types of products. 

If you are looking for safer products, cruelty-free products tend to have fewer chemicals and toxins in them. Ingredients in cruelty-free items are often simpler and have been around for a long time rather than harsh chemicals that can be questionable as far as the safety not only to our health, but to the environment as well. Compare our Jason Whitening Toothpaste to any of the more popular brands you can find at the local mass merchandiser. The Jason brand includes ingredients such as aloe, coconut oil, and lots of fruit extracts along with a few other more natural ingredients while the more popular, "traditional" brands often have ingredients such as saccharin, artificial flavor and/or colors, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, etc. It's a world of difference! 

When I buy products for my family, I definitely want to purchase the safest, least harmful merchandise I possibly can! It feels good knowing no animals were harmed and that I am using products with fewer chemicals and toxins that won't be contributing to environmental pollution as well. 

Did you know brushes made with animal hair tend to house more bacteria than synthetic brushes due to the structure of the hairs? Animal bristles can also be more difficult to clean than synthetic. Animal bristles can trap oil and dead skin cells and such, which can harbor and breed bacteria. If you have oily skin or are prone to acne, having the cleanest make up brushes available (such as our Eco Tools Full Powder Make Up Brush) is incredibly important to not aggravate your skin condition. 

There are also lots of small businesses (like us!) who feature cruelty-free brands and even crafters who make their own personal care products, candles, cleansers, and more with safer, more natural ingredients, so it's great to support them over a big business that already has billions of dollars. 

To me, the choice whether to buy cruelty-free is clear. I support cruelty-free brands for many reasons. What are your strongest reasons to shop cruelty-free? Let us know in the comments! 

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