Making Better Choices for the Environment

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Making Better Choices for the Environment

We all know the environment is in crisis. We all must do our part and step up to the plate by making better choices. One way to help is by buying products that are biodegradable and reusable products that replace disposable items. 

If you are still using disposable plastic bags and plastic cling wrap, that adds up to a lot of waste each month. There are so many different options these days to switch to, such as these Etee Vegan Food Wraps, which are just like cling wrap, but can be used dozens of times, then are biodegradable when they are ready to be thrown away. These vegan wraps form a protective, breathable and fresh seal over just about any perishable - all without the use of plastic - so they're a great alternative to reduce waste and a much better choice for the environment. 

With school back in session, many kids take their lunches to school. Similarly, many adults choose to pack a lunch for work rather than spending more money dining out or to pack healthier meals. A lot of people already use lunch bags that are reusable rather than paper bags (such as the Blue Avocado Click N Go Bag made from 50% post-consumer recycled bottle fabric that can keep items cold up to six hours and is super easy to clean). 

On the other hand, many people continue to use plastic baggies to put sandwiches, snacks, and other foods in rather than a more eco-friendly choice such as Re(Zip) Reusable Storage Bags which work the same way and keep foods fresh, but can be used many times rather than just once. Bento boxes have also become more popular over the last few years. There are also super cool reusable hot lunch bowls available these days. And don't forget to take your reusable cutlery. There are lots of nice brands designing travel cutlery sets often made of bamboo or other sustainable materials instead of using plastic disposable forks, knives, and spoons. 

The key to reducing waste is to buy only what you need; buy reusable items that are made from recycled materials that can biodegrade when they've outlived their use; and recycle, compost, and reuse whenever possible. Also try to keep an eye on a product's packaging. Less is almost always better! 

Of course, there are many other things you can do to lessen your impact on the environment, but these are just a few of the better choices we can all make to do our part. What are some of your favorite reusable products that are better for our planet?


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