There's Always Time for Breakfast!

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There's Always Time for Breakfast!

I talk to so many people who love breakfast foods, but feel like they don't know what to eat once they go vegan. While some people have trouble figuring out what to eat, others sometimes are in such a rush they need to fit in something quickly and only have a moment to prepare their breakfasts because mornings are so hectic. Whatever the case may be, we have a solution for you! 

Cold Cereals and Granolas

While most people may say cold cereal is boring, everyone has to admit it is fast, filling, and often nutritious. This Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Fig Granola Cereal and Puffs can be eaten by the handful and munched as you drive or eaten in a bowl with plant milk, and it's gluten-free, too, so it's perfect for those with a gluten intolerance. Another quick and fun option is Gorilla Munch Corn Puffs, which are lightly sweetened and made with natural ingredients. 

Purely Elizabeth Granola Love Grown Polar Puffs Cereal Corn Puffs Gorilla Munch

Plum Organics Fruit and Veggie PouchPouches for Younger Kids

The ultimate grab and go breakfast for younger children that are fun to eat and come in a huge selection are fruit and veggie pouches, like the organic Earth's Best Apple Raisin Pouch with flax and oats or this Plum Organics Blend of Cherry, Strawberry, Black Bean, Spinach and Oat. As delicious and nutritious as these are, even older kids and adults can sneak one occasionally when in a hurry. It can be our little secret.

Hot Oatmeal and Cereals Modern Oats Breakfast Cup

We have so many varieties of quick hot cereals and oatmeal, most of which are high in protein and gluten-free, that you're bound to find your new favorite. This simple ingredients Love Grown Foods Apple and Cinnamon Hot Oats is super quick and easy to prepare - all you need to add is hot water. Alternatively, you can add plant milk and a binder then microwave to quickly make a muffin. Of course, we also have Dr. Mcdougall's Organic Maple Hot Cereal Cup and many other flavors. We have a few other brands as well, such as Modern Oats, and we can't get enough of the Goji Blueberry variety! 

Protein Bars

Although some of these can seem a bit small, protein bars pack a punch where nutrition and satiety is concerned, such as these delicious Square Organics Chocolate Cookie Dough Bars, which boast ten grams of protein and are full of simple, healthy ingredients. And, YES, it's cookie dough flavored, so it feeds one of my addictions, too!

Another tasty choice with a whopping twenty grams of protein is Garden Of Life Sport Protein Bar Sea Salt Caramel, one of my most favorite flavors of all time! I think everyone knows Clif, Luna, and Lara bars, and we have lots of those as well.

Laura's Wholesome Junk Food Bites Garden of Life Vegan Protein Bar Square Organics Vegan Protein Bar

Similar to protein bars, we also have Laura's Wholesome Junk Food Bite-lettes Breakfast bites available in different varieties, and they are sweetened with dates and free of hydrogenated oils. 





Protein Powders and Shakes

Protein shakes don't have to be boring. Most people I know add protein powder to smoothies, and they can really help bump up your nutrition and make you feel fuller longer.



There's more to protein powders than just smoothies and shakes, though. Did you know you can add them to overnight oats, use them as part of your muffin and pancake mixes, and so much more?! Do yourself a favor and search for all the uses of protein powder. And they come in not only the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, but there are so many more flavors on the market now, like banana and others. Throw in a packet of Justin's nut butter or 88 Acres fantastic butters for an incredible burst of flavor! 

Plant Head Vegan Protein Powder PlantFusion Vegan Protein Powder Aloha Banana Vegan Protein Powder

Breakfast Cookies

Over the last few years a new trend has taken off that many really seem to love: protein cookies, also referred to as all-in-one cookies, breakfast cookies, and nutrition cookies. I think by now everyone has heard of Lenny and Larry's, and we have a whole selection of vegan goodies from them, but we also have Nugo Nutrition Bar Cookies in several delicious flavors and many other brands available. 

Lenny & Larry's Complete Breakfast Cookie Nugo Nutrition Bar Cookie, Vegan

Fearn's Vegan Pancake MixPancake Mixes

Last but not least, ready-made pancake mix is always a hit in my house, and having all the dry ingredients already mixed together perfectly makes it super easy and much quicker to have delicious pancakes to start your day. 

So when you have those mornings where you don't have as much time as you'd like or just don't feel like making your vegan breakfast sandwich or your picture-perfect smoothie bowl, there are still many options for you to have a fast yet satisfying breakfast. Curious about everything we have? Try typing "breakfast" in the search bar and see what you can find! Of course, if you REALLY want to keep it simple, try one of our fair trade coffees to get you going. What is your favorite quick breakfast? Let us know in the comments!

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